Good intentions

We stopped by to see Dad today and he had nurses in the room
doing what nurses do when you’re their patient. We waited
outside the room until I couldn’t take it anymore. Wasn’t mad
at the nurses but I’d had a bad night and didn’t want to end
up in the adjoining room.

By the banter I could hear just outside the door Dad was in
good spirits and medical staff wasn’t alarmed so we could
always come back. At some point we all need a doctor, a lawyer,
a policeman, or a banker more than a visit from family. After
we got back home I noticed some critters around and told the
wife I’d try to sneak up on them and take a picture.

I noticed a tiny little red headed bird that was trying to
eat the whole yard. This was one busy critter.

Then a black and gold, fuzzy-headed critter lit on the fence.

A morning dove landed near some dandelions. Usually I find
them unattractive birds, but this one changed my mind.

Finally, what must have been a direct kin of the fuzzy-headed
fence hopper was pacing through the grass like an expectant
father in a waiting room.

Hours could have be spent just observing our neighborhood
creatures yet some chores and the never finished honey do
list awaits. Enjoy our Tuesday. It’s beautiful here after
last nights rain. Now I’ll find a Snicker’s ice cream bar to
keep up my strength then get busy until it’s pizza time.
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