Thoughts on Monday

Since it’s the first Monday of the week this is an earest
effort to post something at a reasonable time. We’ve been over
to see Dad but didn’t want to wake him up while he was sawing
logs just to tell him we stopped by.

While driving over to see him I had an epiphany. We were just
cruising along when a song came on the radio and I cranked up
the volume and started tapping my toes. Then it came to me. My
biggest problem is I don’t have a gas guzzling, tire chirping,
extremely noisy hot rod to putter around in!

When I sold the 48′ I honestly believed I could survive just
being the average cookie cutter car driving person after 40
plus years of being the guy that couldn’t sneak up on a deaf
man in my ride. There just isn’t another hobby, or all
consuming lifestyle, that can replace it.

People were told the 48′ it was sold because there wasn’t
enough time to put the engine back together.
Which was partially true but the only thing left to do was
the carburetors back on, hook them up, and start it. The real
reason I sold it was because of my legs.

I’ve had involutary tremors in them for years and it didn’t
used to affect my driving until it got to the point that I
couldn’t trust my clutch leg to do what it was supposed to and
I didn’t want to be danger to others behind the wheel. It took
until this morning to realize that I could run an automatic.

I could still get the rough idle at stop lights and the roar
when the light turned green, just without the clutch. I hadn’t
thought of that before because I’ve always believed that real
hot rods have three pedals.

My legs aren’t the problem, they’re just not getting enough
Valvoline racing oil! What a relief.

So enjoy our Monday. I know we’re going to have another great
one now. Now I need a Snicker’s ice cream bar to give the
power to finish mowing the lawn.
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2 Responses to Thoughts on Monday

  1. Brittius says:

    Yeah, I thought I smelled motor oil on you.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    lol. It was either Valvoline or Hoppe’s.

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