First scare of the year

I know this post is late but it’s been quite a day. I’ve had
my scare for the year and I don’t scare easily. This morning
when I went over to Dads for a visit I found him laying on the
kitchen floor in a pool of dried blood. He was concious and
asked me to help him sit up but I told him to wait as I called
911 and got paramedics there.

When the paramedics got there they checked him for injuries
before they moved him and when they did lay him flat he had a
seizure. I got scared. We gave the staff at the hospital what
information we had and were led to waiting room while tests
were run.

Family started to trickle in before word came back that he had
no head trauma but did have a gash on his head which they would
suture. And I am again the outlaw because we had to come home
so the wife could sleep before work. I didn’t make it back up
to the hospital with people stopping over but did get updates.

He’s doing as well as expected for a 91 year old man that went
through such an ordeal. I’m an outlaw because I left the
hospital after 4 hours. We were in the room while they worked
to clean the blood off of him and stayed until we knew he was
stabilized. We’ll know more in morning when we visit.

It’s funny how people think you’re a horses patootee when you
don’t tell them everything you do while they think they are
doing it all. I never have and never will. Once again this
outlaw doesn’t care because Dad is here to see another day.

I’ll give a nod to the Firemen, and woman, and the paramedics
who quickly responded and helped save Dad. Thank you.
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6 Responses to First scare of the year

  1. Ron Walker says:

    I’m glad your Dad is okay. You can’t please some people no matter how hard you try.

  2. Mamabear says:

    I’m so glad that you found him and got him help. You’re not an outlaw b/c you did all that you could do and you let the professionals do the rest so let the naysayer’s flap their gums b/c they’re barking up the wrong tree. I’m glad he’s in the hosp being cared for and I hope he gets home real soon. Prayers going up for him.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Ron Walker,
    thank you. We can’t please some of them but I think it’s childish if they can’t just get along at times like this.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    thank you. I was just glad to hear he didn’t get any permanent damage from the fall and we’ll know more tomorrow after we visit.

  5. Grumpa Joe says:

    Forget what people will think. You know what you did and it was the right thing. How many of the judgmental were checking on your dad as often as you?

  6. cruisin2 says:

    Grumpa Joe,
    thank you. Yes, we all check up on him at different times.

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