On a rainy day

Once again I’m late to the party. Good intentions fell by the
wayside as the day started out party cloudy and there were
pictures to be taken.

Then the clouds started rolling in and experience said it
wouldn’t be long before the rain starts.

One would think that would be an excellent time to do the
post. But just as the rain started the wife decided we needed
to go run some errands. Her smart phone has been acting up
since she loaded an upgrade. I told her that sometimes the
upgrades have a few bugs and the company releases a patch to
fix the problems with the upgrade.

So we went to the cell phone store, waited about 20 minutes to
see someone, and the someone said that sometimes upgrades have
problems and to wait for the fix if the problem persists. That
sounded familiar, but then what do I know.

We made another stop before heading for the kitchen and to
shake off all the rain we acquired while running the errands.
Now it’s still raining, we are nice and dry, and the wife is
kicking back on her day off.

I was left thinking about the Hasselblad camera attachment the
phone store had for a cell phone. For a paltry $250 the camera
attachment could be yours after you bought the phone to use it
on. And that made me wonder what a Hasselblad DSLR costs.

Cruising online I found a Hasselblad H5D-60 Medium Format
Digital SLR Camera Body, with free shipping, for $43,000. After
finding this out I had no desire to price lenses for this beast.

Now a Snicker’s bar is in order to hold me over until I find
a pizza later. Enjoy our Monday, it’s the first one of the
Comments are always welcome.


4 Responses to On a rainy day

  1. Ron Walker says:

    I looked at those phone and decided if I had to pay $250 for a really good camera, which they should include anyway, I didn’t need that phone. I like the Droid phone but think the expensive modules, are going to kill it before it gets started good.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Ron Walker,
    I’m still using a flip phone, have no desire to get a smart phone, but the phone attachment looked like a nice one. We did see other add ons, and they had a bunch.

  3. Nitrous55 says:

    I’d keep using your DSLR. A camera phone is ok, but you can do more with a dedicated camera.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    thanks and I agree. At first I thought it might be a replacement for my pocket Sony but by the time you added in all the extras it would cost as much as a DSLR.

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