Can’t go back?

I know this post is late again but it was such a beautiful day
here on the east coast of Iowa it forced me outside. The high
got up to 81 and that broke a record set in 1937. Tonight we’ll
get rain and the low is supposed to be 46, but I’ll be back out
there anyway after the wife goes to work.

Thoughts of Dad filled my head as I worked and snapped an
occasional picture. He is usually a quiet man until you bring
up something about the farm. One of his favorite subjects when
he gets on a roll is the summer of 1937. He claims it’s the
hottest summer he’s ever seen.

The farm house had no running water and certainly never had
air conditioning. One fan was supposed to cool the whole house.
So, in the summer of 1937, everybody slept on the porch because
it was cooler. According to him that went on all summer.

When I visited Tuesday I mentioned a plat book from 1930 that
was found online which had Grandpa’s name listed along with the
number of acres. For some reason that got him going again. His
face lit up like a young lad as he talked about neighbors and
some of their habits.

Up the gravel road to the east was an old lady who liked to
sit in the cornfield. She didn’t disturb the corn and was
friendly enough when he and his brothers walked by. And that’s
where he left it.

Then he mentioned a local character, who I also remembered, that
didn’t leave his farm house without a pocket pint in every
pocket of his coveralls. At that time it was a dry county but
this character always swore his bottles were dry when he finished
for the day.

People say you can’t, or shouldn’t go back. But the look on
Dad’s face while talking about the good old days told me that
at times it’s good for your soul.

Have a great Friday, the weekend has begun. If we use it
wisely it might even seem to last a couple days.
Comments are always welcome.

5 Responses to Can’t go back?

  1. Ron Walker says:

    I think it is good for everyone to go back in time. I remember the tears that would well up in my father-in-laws eyes, when he would hear a song that meant a lot to him. Sometimes the best memories some have, are from the past. Great post Crusin’, thanks for giving me pause to remember tonight.

  2. Mamabear says:

    By talking about the past with your Dad you’ll learn things you never knew I’m betting. You’ll forever remember that smile he had when talking about the farm. Savor those special moments with your Dad. idk how your Dad feels about having his pic taken, but maybe you could sneak a few when he doesn’t know what you’re up to. Capture the moment.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Ron Walker,
    you’re welcome. We never know when one of the moments will occur or what will set them in motion but they are memories for tomorrow. One day he won’t be with us and the memories will be all have.

    the hard part is to get Dad talking. Usually he replies with one syllable answers and doesn’t follow through. He also isn’t big on getting his picture taken. I’ve got a few pictures without his knowledge and will try to get a few more. We just hope he lives to see 100.

  4. Mamabear says:

    I hope your Dad lives to be 100 too~that was what my one Grandpa wanted, but he didn’t make it, but he did make it to 97!

  5. cruisin2 says:

    thank you. His Dad lived to his middle 90s.

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