Not what we were promised

As a gun bill is making its way through our Iowa legislation
so many changes have been made in the name of compromise that
the bill cannot even be considered a shell of its former
self. If this bill passes we fail to see how any true patriot
could be happy with it.

The Constitutional carry portion of the bill is gone.
Representative Matt Windshitl made a deal that took it out of
the bill. If you aren’t happy about this you can call him at
515-570-5769 or email him at

The stand your ground portion of the bill is also gone. Key
provisions in the bill that protect gun owners when defending
their rights have been gutted. We don’t see anything that
would change with the passage of this portion of the bill the
way it currently reads. This was done by Representative Matt

It’s time to quit buying the bull we’re being shipped and let
these “Leaders” know this is not what we want. No more watered
down ghosts of what we were promised when we elected them. If
you’re not sure how to reach the House leadership, they are:

Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer

Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windshitl

Majority Leader Chris Hagenow

You can also see a newsletter from Iowa Gun Owners that is
a bit lengthy, but well worth a watch, here.

With that, we hope you enjoy our Wednesday. Now I need to
find something to fuel the body.
Comments are always welcome.

5 Responses to Not what we were promised

  1. Brittius says:

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  3. ronscountry says:

    I saw today on the news that they said so much junk was put in it and the over state line sales was left out.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the reblog.

    it started out so simple. Constitutional carry, stand your ground, and lowering the age you can teach your kids to shoot. It does not read anything like that now. It’s almost like our legislators want bragging rights for passing a gun bill even if it’s a worthless bill that doesn’t do anything.

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