Just thinking again, but nobody got hurt


Since yesterdays race was about as exciting as watching paint
dry on a destroyer it was decided the day was made for fixing
a few things that weren’t broke. And since my blood type is
gasoline, it also involved tinkering.

So after tinkering with the snow blowers, the lawn mower, the
weed wacker, and the chain saw, it was time to get serious. I
had noticed the cardinals don’t come around as often as they
did when I put peanuts out. Originally I had wedged a plastic
plate into the top of the hedges and called it a bird feeder.

But the squirrels also liked the peanuts and had easy access.
Said squirrels ate the peanuts before the birds could get to
them. Earlier this month I had devised a hanging peanut holder
to fit on the pole that holds the bird feeder.

After that idea failed the wife caught me eyeing her metal
pie pans and informed me that said pans were for pies only and
not feeding birds. She didn’t buy my innocent look either. I
don’t mind because if there’s one I have it’s ideas. I am now
leaning toward using an old Chevy hubcap, a muffler clamp, and
a small American flag to make a new peanut holder.

All that’s left of the planning stage is deciding how many
holes, and what size, are needed to allow water to run out the
bottom so the hubcap doesn’t fill with water during a hard
rain. And of course the choice between an old half cap or a
60s full hubcap.

I can’t use a rally wheel hubcap because the only one I had
is now my shop clock. I’ll keep working on that problem and
you can enjoy our Monday.
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4 Responses to Just thinking again, but nobody got hurt

  1. QC Ghost says:

    Or, you could stand outside with a few peanuts saying, “Here cardinal, here cardinal, cardinal, cardinal.” It works for my cat.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    tried it. Didn’t work. Maybe I should call them George?

  3. Mamabear says:

    How goes the hub cap bird feeder? GL and have fun making it~if all else fails go to the store and buy some pie pans LOL

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I’m ready to get started on it. Store bought ones are too expensive and the wife says I’m living in 60s when I talk about price so I’ll make one.

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