Pet peeves


I’ve mentioned a few of my pet peeves in earlier posts and
thought it time to mention a few more. Some involve my dislike
of putting any of my business out in the street while still
others have to do with my inability to deal with stupid

Not long ago our tax preparers called to inform us our taxes
were done and that they would need out driver’s license
number, date of issue, and date of expiration as they couldn’t
file our taxes without them. The IRS wants to cut down on
identity theft? How about catching the criminals stealing
the checks instead of putting the burden on us.

And we know the clerks in grocery stores work hard, are told
by management what to say, and could lose their job if they
don’t do as told, but around here is a greeting that drives me
buggy. As we put our groceries on the belt the cashier always
asks “Did you find everything okay?”

We smile and reply yes but I really want to say that I didn’t
find the 2x6s or an HEI coil! It’s a grocery store, the cart
was full of groceries; what could we have possibly missed? It
can get as aggravating as looking for 22 LR ammo.

My final pet peeve concerns auto parts stores when you have a
modified vehicle. I get so tired of hearing “that car didn’t
have that option”. Really? A 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster didn’t
leave the factory with a small block V-8 in it?

I feel much better now, have stocked up on pizza again, and
need to refill my coffee as I’m a quart low. We’re going to
get a little snow today but some of Iowa is going to get a
foot. So enjoy our Friday, the Monticello indoor car show
starts tomorrow and Sunday is the Daytona 500.
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5 Responses to Pet peeves

  1. Mamabear says:

    Love the subject of pet peeves and I agree about how clerks have a “written script” when you ask where an item is located in the store and did you find everything you wanted today. I usually tell them I found what I wanted, but recently I couldn’t find an item and I think it shocked the clerk when I didn’t follow the normal response. Quite interesting that the Chevy didn’t have an engine when it left the production line LMAO at that one. Glad you relieved your stress. Hope you don’t get to much snow. We’re to get snow too, but idk how much~nothing I can do to stop it so I’m not worrying about it. Have a great weekend.

  2. QC Cat says:

    Clerks must be able to fake sincerity.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    I could see it if we only had a few items but we had a heaping cart full! It usually doesn’t take much to get rid of stress so it did work. As for the snow, it was supposed to start at 2 pm and hasn’t started
    yet. Even if we get snow it’s only supposed to be about a half inch.
    We’ll have a great weekend and hope you do also.

    QC Cat,
    at least this clerk smiled as she recited her lines.

  4. windwalker54 says:

    Sometimes they are more like robots and your lucky to get even a smile. I really hate going in a store and they want to bug you about helping you. Best Buy was one of the worst! Also don’t ask me for my zip code for a box of nails at the home improvement store.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    amen to that. Since the big home improvement store started that zip code nonsense I’ve been going to smaller mom and pop outlet. The
    small difference in price is worth it.

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