Our weekend is almost done. That doesn’t surprise us because
here the weather weather was perfect so we had a lot of things
to do and not enough time to get them done. Still working on

Now the weather guessers on TV are talking possible snow for
next weekend. I think we should vote on just keeping the high
temperatures in the 70s instead. But it is still winter so we’ll
take whatever we get.

In an earlier post I stated we would not be watching NASCAR
this year with all the rule changes. But we did watch the
challenge at Daytona today and if that is what the rest of
the racing season will be like, we’ll go back to drag racing.

Having glanced at the rules we knew there would be a “break”
somewhere in the race and that happened at lap 25. What we
didn’t expect was the rule that if your car has to go to the
garage you are out of the race.

We could not make any sense out of that one. If your crew
gets it back together and the race is still on you should be
able to get back in. I see a lot more DNFs (did not finish)
under the race results. It just doesn’t make sense.

With the Nationals coming back to Cordova, and the indoor car
show in Monticello this weekend, we may be there instead of
watching NASCAR. We’ll see. Hoping you had a great weekend and
are ready for Monday. Now I’m hungry for tacos and will round
up eight or ten.
Comments are always welcome.


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  1. Mamabear says:

    NASCAR’s rules this year are absurd and instead of gaining new and younger ppl all they’re going to do is discourage them along with us old timer’s. Plus the prices to attend a race are expensive even in the cheap seats as a friend told me last week.

    Hope those taco’s were tasty!

  2. Nitrous55 says:

    NASCAR will probably change it once they have a few races with just a few cars on the track at the end. Seems like everyone complains about the sanctioning bodies. Cruiser, I think Monticello is ten bucks. I’ll be there Sunday morning.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    the new rules are the reason I won’t be watching this year, and the prices of most events are crazy. The last World Series of Drag Racing we went to had tickets at $50 a day, and all 12 tacos were delicious.

    you could be right and we hope they change the rules. Monticello probably is $10 and since the wife works both nights we’re trying to
    figure out if we can make it this year. Enjoy it.

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