A day that makes you smile

The weather guesser on TV was a little off. 63 was forecast
and the high today was 75. Then he had the audacity to claim
he low balled it so people would be happy! The critters were
out in force and we even got a shot of one flying over.


Birds weren’t the only critters in abundance either. A little
squirrel was hopping about when an alley cat thought he
resembled lunch. The little squirrel looked like he was
praying when he made it to the tree.



After the run for groceries I was outside all day and enjoyed
it. Even got some yard work done, the car detailed, and the
feeders filled. The pictures were a bonus. What a day. Even if
this is only really warm day we get for a while it put smile
on my face.

Even had an old friend contact me. We’ve got together once
since high school and he’s still on the east coast. It was
good to catch up and remember old times and our fast cars.
Then came the sunset. Another great day that ended on
a happy note.


Enjoy your weekend. We should protest for a 5 day weekend.
There’s a plan we could get behind. Keep the shiny side up.
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