What a day


Another great sunset here on the east coast of Iowa. It
looked as if a cow kicked over the lantern and set the town
afire. A perfect ending to the day.

After a breakfast of biscuits and gravy with my mother in law
we came home to discover a squirrel was trying his darnedest
to get inside our bird feeder. Not a problem, I just ran to
the local farm supply store and bought a pole to hang the
feeder on. Problem solved.

Then I got online and discovered that someone had tried to
change my WordPress password. I guess they’ll find out that
didn’t go well for them soon. Nice try. And I even learned
something today.

I should not go to the farm supply store unattended. Going in
just for the pole to hold the bird feeder where the squirrels
couldn’t get to it I came home with a trunk full of stuff
including, but not limited to the pole, an aerator for the
sink, a furnace filter, and several pounds of bird seed.

That was a valuable lesson, don’t go shopping on a full
stomach. I will not make that mistake again. At least I didn’t
come home with baby chicks. And now I’m winding down until I
get the wife up so she can go to work. Then I’ll once again
go in search of a pizza.

We’re going to have a little warm up here and hope you have
enjoyed our Wednesday. We only get one this week also. We’ll
be sure to let you know what week we get two.
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