Great days


I reflected on our Valentine’s Day and decided it was just
about perfect as the sky turned purple when the sun dipped
below the horizon.

Time spent with the wife, a nice visit with Dad, and I even
got a few lucky shots with the camera. Some days go better
than others.


We had a hawk sitting in an old oak tree who must have been
waiting for lunch. He was busy looking all over our little
part of the east coast of Iowa before taking flight to pick up
his carry out.


Never saw where he ended up but he seemed in a hurry to get
there. I hope it wasn’t somebody’s’ pet as he was a big one.
Guess I didn’t realize hawks got that big.

I took the wife out to lunch yesterday for Valentine’s Day,
we had breakfast together today, and we’ll take her mother out
tomorrow for breakfast on her birthday. I guess it looks like
the whole week is going to go great.

So enjoy our Tuesday for tomorrow is hump day and one step
closer to the weekend. Now I think I’ll make some peppermint
tea while searching for a missing pizza that needs a friend.
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