Should have stayed in bed


Last night I laid the body horizontal around 1 am thinking to
awake around 5 to have time to read the paper and have a ton
of coffee before shopping for groceries. Instead I woke up,
hit the head, and made a pot of coffee all before realizing I
had woken up at the crack of 3 am.

After reading the paper and several cups of coffee while the
wife still slept I decided to open the new bottle of mouth
rinse. If you don’t know what mouth rinse is just think mouth
wash for cheap people. I can usually buy a half gallon of the
rinse for what a pint of wash cost.

Like a lot of things in our lives today said mouth rinse has
a child-proof cap that I think should be labeled “If you are
a senior citizen with arthritis you will not be able to open
this bottle.” Yet also like a lot of things in our lives today
I have a way to work around the problem.

I take a utility knife and cut off the bottom of the cap and
thus it opens like a regular bottle. This morning I slipped
so the knife went into my palm and left a pretty good gash.
Not wanting to wake the wife early I rinsed off the wound as
good as I could, dumped iodine on it, and plastered a few
bandages over it.

That seemed to work well and when the wife got up she put a
fresh bandage on it before we went to the store. As I was
placing the last of the groceries in the trunk the wound split
again. Not wanting to bleed all over the car I removed the
leaking appendage and held it up while I got in the driver’s

The wife stuffed a tissue up coat sleeve while I held the
other end over the cut so no blood got inside the car either.
After unloading the groceries I remembered a first aid kit
from my contracting days, and sure enough, we found a
butterfly bandage that worked great. So far. I should have
stayed in bed.

The full moon is out tonight, hope you get a chance to see it
and if not we shared a picture. Now I go in search of a pizza
with my name on it.
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3 Responses to Should have stayed in bed

  1. This is life as you never know what may happen at any moment. Take care and I loved reading the details of what happened. Samina

  2. Mamabear says:

    This must be the day to cut oneself while opening something~mine wasn’t a child proof can, but one of those that have a pull tab on it~keep in mind I’m on a blood thinner~nuff said eh? Love the pic of the moon. Hope you found that pizza. How’s the cold? Have a better weekend.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    glad you liked it.

    hope everything turn out ok with your cut. I did find the pizza with my name on it and it was great. The cold’s about the same but some people say it hangs around for a while. Have a great weekend

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