Sometimes words help

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Since being told coffee is not considered a hydrating liquid,
lemonade and tea have been added to my consumed liquids list
and I was sitting on the pity pot. Don’t mind tea, like the
lemonade, but love coffee.

Then a friend shared the following which got me off the pity
pot and back into the game, if only on a limited basis. She
shared it with us, it helped me when needed, and we’ll share
it with you.

I feel like those who are humble, despite how much they achieve are the ones that truly make it big. Keep your ego in check. God can take you high as the skies, but it doesn’t take Him long to make you crumble and remind you that you came from dirt. So, in your high times thank God. In your low times, seek God. But whatever you do, don’t forget God.
-Nashiha Pervin

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