A short note


Monday the high was in the 50s, that went down to mid 40s
yesterday, and when I awoke in the pre-dawn hours today
there was snow on the ground. Usually a cause for celebration
yet this time it sent me back under the covers.

There was only around an inch of snow of that’s not enough
for me to mess with. When this post is finished I shall be
beneath the covers again as I try and shake this bug that bit

So if you can bear with us a new post worthy of a read should
be done a lot earlier tomorrow. I am now doing to take my
medicine and get my body horizontal. Hope you enjoy the rest
of the day and what’s left of the week.
Comments are always welcome.

2 Responses to A short note

  1. Mamabear says:

    Hope you find a good OTC med that will help you get over this bug~drink lots of fluids and get some rest and that should help you to get over this in no time at all.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thank you. This bug seems to like me and doesn’t want to go, but we’ll figure something out.

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