We’re back


There was no post here yesterday and that wasn’t due to
apathy or illness. We just decided to jump in the car, crank
up the satellite radio, turn off the cell phones, and just
cruise. Much like a mini-vacation complete with a meal in a
restaurant with paper napkins.

We cruised to the city where 3 states converge and proceeded
to dawdle our time away. The wife wanted to shop so we went
shopping, and when that was done I wanted to eat so we ate. We
even managed to see some wildlife and a beautiful blue sky
along the way.

It was so windy we watched several birds flapping their wings
like crazy but getting nowhere. We gawked at cattle and horses
on the farms, and even the farms themselves. We noticed that
Dubuque had as many crows and we did in Davenport, and even
got behind the little old lady doing 30 in 45 mph zone. We
raced the sunset yet made it home in time to get a couple of
pictures too.

I even gave a little thought to my new idea. Since heated
steering wheels are a reality now I believe car companies
should up the ante and make a car that automatically refills
your travel mug with hot coffee. The cup holders are already
there but when your cup is empty the holder isn’t really

I’ll mention that to my dealership owning friend and await
the companys’ answer. I want no fame or fortune for the idea,
I just like my coffee. Enjoy the day, we think it’s going to
be good one. Now it’s time to see if I picked up that
breakfast pizza.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to We’re back

  1. Brittius says:

    It all started, when they did away with breaker points.
    I hate this 21st century.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Amen, points and wing windows.

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