Today was the kind of day that brought to mind an old Country
Western standard written by none other than Willie Nelson.
“Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips away”.

The song was recorded by Billy Walker first in 1961 and Jimmy
Elledge also released his version later in 1961. It has since
been recorded by the likes of Joe Hinton, Ray Price, the
Supremes, Harry James, Elvis Presley, Al Green, Bryan Ferry,
Narvel Felts, Dorothy Moore, the Spinners, Lyle Lovett, George
Jones, Juice Newton, and Willie Nelson among others.

But I digress. The reason I thought the song appropriate to
describe the day is because although I feel like I woke up a
few hours ago many hours have slipped by. I went out to get a
few pictures of any meandering birds and when I came back in
noticed I had taken 145 pictures. And I was cold.

After uploading said pictures to the computer and editing
them, it was suddenly time to get the wife up so she could go
to work. And the day isn’t done yet. Yet I think God will
forgive me while allowing to put a few odd jobs off until
tomorrow and make it go just a slower than today.

Please don’t get the idea today was a waste as that is far
from the truth. I just didn’t get as much done as I would have
liked. The wife calls it my fixation on shiny objects. She
claims when I see some obscure object I go into a trance and
lose track of time.

Like when you’re in the middle of saying something and a car
with sweet set of pipes goes roaring by. I’m sure it happens
to all of us. So we’ll leave it at that and remind you that
tomorrow is Groundhog day were we entrust our weather to an
ugly, buck tooth rodent.

And now I’m going to burn a pizza before it’s tomorrow.
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