What if?


A friend shared an interesting report and the future that at
first sounded crazy until given some thought. Then it paints
a grim picture of what life may be like for our kids. We won’t
share it here as it is too long but will touch on some of the

In 1998 Kodak sold 85% of all photo paper in the world while
we were having “Kodak moments” on a regular basis. Due to the
onslaught of digital cameras Kodak filed for bankruptcy in
2012, turned the company around, and joined the digital age.

Digital cameras for the masses have been around since 1975.
They didn’t become a threat to film cameras until the price
came down and the resolution soared. The next such trend could
well be software.

Think about it. Uber is just software, they don’t own any
taxis yet are the biggest taxi company in the world. Airbnb is
the largest hotel company in the world and the software giant
owns no property.

Watson gives legal advice with 90% accuracy and it is IBM
software. Watson also helps nurses diagnose cancer and is four
times more accurate than humans. Even Facebook has pattern
recognition software that can remember faces better than we

Our cars aren’t even safe. As early as 2020 we could see the
beginning of the end for automakers as autonomous cars take
over. Driver’s licenses won’t be needed nor car ownership. The
up side would be with less cars there would fewer traffic
fatalities. Of course, if the accident rate drops drastically,
car insurance would be an endangered species.

Claim is 20 years 70-80% of current jobs would be gone. New
jobs would spring up but no one is sure there would be enough
of these to help some of us.

Agricultural robots could be the farmers of the future, tech
trades would take off, aeroponics will replace meat with petri
dish produced veal, and insect protein known as alternative
protein source will be available.

There is no proof any of this will actually happen and some
things mentioned are available now. This is meant to be food
for thought. So enjoy our Monday but don’t think about the
future, live in the present.
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