Thinking about it


It’s been one of those days I couldn’t stop thinking about
time. I thought so hard it ending with an unscheduled nap.
Kids don’t really understand time because they’re kids.

Pre-teens and teens have little patience when it comes to
waiting until tomorrow. To them it seems tomorrow takes days
to get here. Much like it would be on Christmas Eve.

When done with schools we get jobs and assume responsibilities
of our own. This is when time starts speeding up a little bit.
Juggling a job, a family of your own, and other things that
were unknown just a few short years ago.

In our 30s time speeds up a little more. Adding mortgages,
and various other components to the mix makes time a commodity
not wasted. We still get things done, it just takes a little
longer and most don’t notice.

Then when we hit our 60s time really speeds up. We retire
thinking of how we’re going to spend our Golden Years while
time slips away. If we overthink something, days could pass
as fast as Popsicles around a bunch of hot, sweaty kids.

We can still get things done, when most of our original parts
are working, but it takes even longer. So some of us
procrastinate while time slips away much like mentioned above.
Then some of us decide to pick a day and get caught up on all
the little chores that have been put off.

Sometimes it even works. Sometimes things get put off for
another day. At any rate this is the age most of us start
feeling our age. While some get up at the same time as when
they were employed, bedtime comes a little earlier.

Myself, I take getting older as a challenge. I’m not as fast
as I used to be, but under ideal conditions I can still do a
lot of things I used to. It takes longer and involves pain,
but I can do it.

So remember, no matter your age, enjoy it. Life is terminal
anyway so think outside the box. Just don’t think too long.
Enjoy the weekend as that too will be gone faster than a 4th
of July fireworks show. That said, it’s pizza time and I know
where ones hiding.
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3 Responses to Thinking about it

  1. Mamabear says:

    Well said and so very true.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thank you.

  3. mary says:

    So true

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