Snow day?

After my visit with Dad as I walking to the back door, I
noticed a large bird perched atop the neighbors tree. Thinking
it could be a Kodak moment I ran past the wife and into my
office to grab the camera then back out. The bird was still
there and it turned out to be a hawk.


When I went back inside and told the wife what the rush was
about she just gave me the look I am so used to getting then
asked my how my chat with Dad went. Confusing was my answer.
We know he’s 90, but at times I need a coffee IV when done
talking with him.

He called Monday and told me not to stop over Tuesday because
he a an appointment with his doctor for a check-up. Not a
problem, I’ll just stop by Wednesday. So when I stopped over
today and asked how he was doing he stated he had an
appointment with his doctor at 11:30.

Concerned, I asked him if they found something during his
visit yesterday. He looked at me like I drank the Kool-Aid and
told me his appointment was today. He went on to say that he
went to doctors office for an 8:30 am appointment only to be
told his appointment was at 11:30.

By this time I had finished the coffee in my travel mug and
could have used something stronger. The rest of the visit went
ok but he sure had me confused for a while.

Oh yeah, the snow. We haven’t got any yet. The last forecast
we watched the trusty weatherman proclaimed we’d get a dusting
to an inch and that it wouldn’t stick to pavement. While the
folks in northern Iowa got hit with a foot it looks like the
east coast of Iowa will sit this one out. Of course we could
get some snow overnight.

Keep the shiny side up and enjoy the rest of the week. I’ll
let you know how the pizza was.
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