Here we go again


We can’t grasp why inaugurations are so difficult for so many
and can now see where younger generations get an attitude. As
we’ve said many times, we don’t believe these antics and ideas
to be anything new.

Some Democrats boycotted Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration in
1864 because the southern states states wouldn’t recognize his
victory. And, like Trump, Lincoln received death threats. We
don’t know how Trumps security will be, but history tells us
death threats to Lincoln forced General Winfield Scott to
put 635 troops along the parade route and Capital grounds.

General Scott also used 2,000 volunteers, put the cavalry on
side streets, sharpshooters on top of taller buildings, and
had detectives mingle with crowds. All for the safety of the
man who would be president.

Lest you think that having our country’s lawmakers act like
spoiled children is something novel, we fast forward to the
time of another president.

John F. Kennedy said “Let us not seek the Democratic answer
or the Republican answer, but the right answer. Let us not
seek to fix the blame of the past. Let us accept our own
responsibility for the future.”

Lawmakers don’t have to attend an inauguration by law. And
we’re sure the protesters will be out in force, but the man
hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Wouldn’t civilized people wait
until something is done they don’t agree with before starting
to protest?

It’s no wonder kids of today need safe spaces when they see
this kind of action going on every day. And the lawmakers
should stick to doing what they were elected to do instead of
wasting everyone’s time.

That said, have a great Inauguration day tomorrow. I’m going
in search of the elusive bacon cheeseburger pizza.
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7 Responses to Here we go again

  1. Mamabear says:

    Just witnessed something on tv that might interest you~a protest in D.C., a fire burning and a proud 8 yr old boy saying he set it and to screw the President elect! What kind of parent takes an 8 yr old to a protest? I think we all know the answer to the question. Reporter interviews the protest organizer~absolutely nothing she said made any sense b/c she was talking in circles about Nazi’s up in the ballroom. I just shook my head in amazement.

    I watched the concert today and really enjoyed it, esp when Lee Greenwood came out to sing “Proud to be an American” and when they cut away to the Trump/Pence families and Trump was singing right along~it brought tears to my eyes. I’m truly proud to be an American!

    I can’t wait for tomorrow when 8 yrs of a bad administration is finally over and he can’t pardon or commute anymore sentences. I’m ashamed at the House Democrats that aren’t going to the inauguration and I’m also ashamed at BO’s comments at his last presser.

    God Bless the USA!

  2. cruisin2 says:

    his parents must be proud. We watched the inauguration and thought Lester Holt was hilarious. He claimed he didn’t understand Trumps speech and thought the ceremony was “grim”. He must not remember what dignified looks like.

    Grumpa Joe,
    Thank you.

  3. mary says:

    I think you put this in good words well respected

  4. cruisin2 says:

    thank you.

  5. Mamabear says:

    I’m sure the parents are proud to see their son likely following in their footsteps. Perhaps Lester Holt needed an interpreter of the Presidents speech if he didn’t understand it.. I would hope that MSM isn’t going to give us 4 yrs of negative reporting, but I’m not holding my breath b/c blue isn’t my color. God Bless the USA and the President.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    I couldn’t believe it when Holt actually said the inauguration was
    grim and he didn’t understand the speech. We’ll just have to wait
    and see if they change.

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