Getting there

I almost got a post done earlier but then I got distracted.
The lady who follows me around claims that isn’t hard to do.
Her only reply when I comment to the contrary is a hearty

This day was not wasted however as I took some pictures, had
a meal, and managed to get some chores done to boot. Like most
days it didn’t go exactly as planned either.

I took a few shots of the sunset and waited around to see if
anything interesting would occur until it did. A glowing orb
was in the southern sky just as dusk was turning to dark.


The strange thing was, with my small zoom lens it looked like
it was a purple ball ringed in green. Hadn’t seen that before.
The object stood out in deep blue sky all by its lonesome.

After that an orange streak appeared just below the unknown
object. I at first thought it was a meteor because there is
the possibility of a meteor shower. But it turned out to be
no mystery as I discovered it was the contrails of a west
bound jet. The ebbing sunset must have colored them.


So I looked over some pictures taken earlier today and
noticed a lot of them were of cardinals. I know that is said to
be a good omen and am thankful for the chance to take the
pictures. And either I must have a lot of loved ones in Heaven
or said loved ones think I’m messing up.


Despite all that we are going to have a new president in less
than two days. I even heard Hanoi Jane is going to lead the
Planned Parenthood protest at the inauguration so I may even

Wednesday is almost gone and Thursday will put us one step
closer to the weekend. Have a great rest of the week and
keep the shiny side up. Now I’m on the hunt for a pizza.
Comments are always welcome.


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