When I stopped over to visit Dad he acted surprised. When I
asked him why he said because it’s Monday. So I told him it
was Tuesday and he didn’t believe until he got his paper and
looked at the day and date. Then after I got home I told the
wife what happened and she said it is Monday.

Which got me thinking about cars and trucks. When I started
driving manual transmissions were in everything, wing windows
were your air conditioning, and arms were the power steering.
My how the times do change.

Catching a bit of the auto show the commentator gave out the
worse kept secret of the decade, Ford is bringing back the
Bronco and the Ranger. We’re told this will happen by the 2021
model year. Their version anyway.

I’m not doubting they’ll bring out something with those
nameplates on them, but will they be a continuation of the
fondly remembered model or a familiar body on a small luxury

Those of us who remember the debut of the original Bronco
and Ranger recall a base model that was bare bones. No air,
power steering, power brakes, or air conditioners, and we had
to hand crank the windows up and down. It will be safe to
assume that while these new editions may look like the models
they replace, the base model will have more bells and whistles
than a Cadillac did 10 years ago.

Were we that much tougher back in the day, or watch our money
closer? We had to roll the windows up and down with a crank
instead of pushing a button, if we wanted to adjust the seat
we had to do that by hand too. Now we have lighted cup holders
and ambient lighting? I’ll stay old school thank you.

Enjoy the rest of our Tuesday, it’s the only one God gave us
this week.
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4 Responses to Progress?

  1. Brittius says:

    I thought it was only me, who is unhappy with “options” that must be accepted with no other, option.
    Back long ago, I thought a 1964 Dodge Polara I owned with 383, and push button on the dash was the apex. Today, all cars and pickups are sissified. Ford stopped putting manual transmissions in F150 back in 2012. Ram, is starting to phase out manual transmissions. All ring and pinions today, such as the King Ranch parked outside, have 3.55:1, and new stuff is 3.05:1, grocery haulers for whitebread truckers. An H3 Hummer Base I owned was 4.56:1 with manual transmission. Problem (to me), is that “toys” (sissy stuff) was jammed into an otherwise very nice platform. People lost their skills or maybe they have no talent other than making the music, louder. I do not listen to music when I drive, and that makes my wife crazy. Nothing, comes close to the two Jeeps I had, one I built, the other was an old Border Patrol Jeep. I run offroad when hunting and run offroad, every chance I get. I also cut my own grooves in tires. I feel like I, am being phased out. Sensor this, sensor that. Push buttons. I like manual gearboxes, manual transfer cases, manual hubs. Maybe I should buy an M35A2 Deuce-and-a Half?? Hmmm… (Hmmm..!)

  2. Brittius says:

    PS: I still can’t shake the old habit of grease. Zerk fitting, are my friends. First of the month means, pay bills. Second day of the month means, grease the entire vehicle, whether it needs it or not. The local repair shops were shocked when they “greased” my wheel bearings, by wiping grease onto them. I stuck my hand into the grease barrel and pulled up a handful, then tapped the wheel bearing race onto the grease on my palm, completely working the grease in. No. I do not wear “gloves” when working with wrenches. Wipe the excess grease off, then a wiper cloth. Soap and water cleans the hands. I watched the blood run out of the mechanics faces when I did that. They also don’t like my other habit, pulling dipsticks and checking under the hood. What happened to this world??

  3. cruisin2 says:

    I call the new pickups mutated mini-vans. Those of us who don’t care for all the options are being phased out. At least if we keep our
    sticks we have a built in theft deterrent. And I also pack my bearings and races by hand and own 3 grease guns, one with a rubber hose to bend around anything in the way. As for what happened to the world, I don’t have a clue. Technology has taken over their brains?

  4. SHOPBOP code says:

    Interesting … also the comments here. My father died when I was two. I don’t remember him at all, but always felt as if I missed him. In my younger days I used to speculate in what things would have been like if he’d been around. Next year it will be sixty years since he died. I have a pencil drawing he made of himself.

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