An update, tools, motorcycles, and more


The computer and phone are still working even if I’m not. I
found out I will go to the courthouse later this month and
testify. Doesn’t make sense to me as I heard 3 shots from
a block away and witnessed nothing.

Here in Iowa news just broke that Victory motorcylces are
going to fade out in around 18 months. For over 18 years said
motorcycles were made in our state and it seems the brand is
going to end here. Parts and service for the Victory will
continue over the next 10 years.

Parent company Polaris also stated that some temporary jobs
would be eliminated and some employees would be offered early
retirement but would not say how many workers would be

Nationally, if you’re a fan of Craftsman tools, Sears is set
to sell the tool brand to Stanley Black & Decker. The brand
was trandmarked in 1927 and sold exclusively by Sears for
years. Now Craftsman tools can be purchased at Kmart, Ace
Hardware, military exchanges, Grainger, and other outlets.

After the sale Sears will be able to sell Craftsman tools
while manufacturing and licensing will be turned over to
Stanley Black & Decker.

And the weather has warmed up here on the east coast of Iowa
with no wind chill. The low tonight will be in the 30s and the
high tomorrow mid 40s. We’ll take that little break anytime.
Now, after this short post, I go in search of food, preferably
with pizza sauce and cheese on it.

Enjoy the second week of January. We’re that much closer to
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to An update, tools, motorcycles, and more

  1. Brittius says:

    Ear Witness. Metric motorcycles have dominated the lower end of the consumer market but as I always say, two wheels, are a blast. The Ness styling is a bit played out and more of a fad. The bikes, lacked torque. Harley-Davidson dominated hands down, but there too, cruisers are not for everyone. My bike had 10.84:1 first gear, so pulling away from a red light turning green, was a thing of beauty, but lacked the upper end in speed [73 mph max]. Victory joins the up-again-down-again Indian Motorcycle, that actually was good after it returned home from China to Kilroy, California, because the mills were S&S. The motorcycle I came close to being a corporate stockholder was Superior, but the market wasn’t there and like a dead fish, it went belly up. Quads are Polaris’ strong suit, and even Harley-Davidson, once made golf carts.
    The big news is about Craftsman. Interesting. Their quality is not what it once was. I wonder if the free tool exchange will be honored if a tool breaks?

    PS: “To the best of my ability, I do not recall.”

  2. cruisin2 says:

    loI, guess I would be an ear witness since I didn’t see anything. I like the older Harleys and Indians but haven’t ridden in a while. Harley didn’t do well when AMF took them over then Willie G. stepped up.
    Craftsman has been sliding off a cliff for a while. Used to be you could just take a broken ratchet out and get it replaced, then they wanted a receipt, now at best they hand you a rebuild kit that might fit. I still have Craftsman in the tool box and will wait and see what the new line brings.

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