We have had our internet and phone back for around two days
and the wife actually used the phone today. She claimed it
worked fine. It is still chilly on the East Coast of Iowa, but
tomorrow we are to start a 3 day warm up and could have high
temperatures in the 40s on Tuesday.

It’s been mentioned that people give me nicknames and I can’t
remember anyone calling me by my given name except school
teachers, the police, and Mom when she was mad. One friend
called me ‘easy money’ every time he saw me and after a
while I asked him why.

His response was that I was always smiling. I guess he thought
only people with deep pockets smiled. Another called me lucky.
His reasoning was I always had a nice driver car and a hot
rod, so I must be lucky.

And one called me chip. When asked why he claimed that I
had a chip on my shoulder the size of a telephone pole. How
do you reply to that?

Later, when the business was going strong, one lady started
calling me Job. She mentioned it was a Bible reference and it
was pronounced Jobe. When asked why she stated that no matter
what went wrong while we were remodeling her house I stayed

Which led me to wonder if others just rip out their hard work
when they hit a snag. Seemed obvious to me there are two
options when such things happen, throw a hissy fit or calmly
think things through.

Over the years there have been too many to list in a post so
I listed the ones that made me smile. Let’s leave it there for
now. I’m going to go have some more heifer in a haystack and
a coffee.

Stay calm and keep the shiny side up.
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