The saga continues


The tech never showed, or called, yesterday which didn’t
surprise me and made the wife mad. She did discover, later
last night, that the company did send her an email stated they
cancelled the appointment.

She wanted to know why and I had nothing in the way of an
explanation so she again called the company involved. Whoever
she talked to went back to the old standby, there’s an outage.
That did not make her happy.

This morning we had two tasks, get groceries and take the car
back to the dealer to get the Xzilon protector put on. Once
the groceries were put away and the car dropped off she was back
on the phone and was again promised a technician would be here
today by 8 pm to fix our problem.

While we were waiting the wife went back to pick up the car
and when she returned she mentioned a bright pink piece of
paper attached to our front door. When I went to retrieve the
paper, I stopped to read it. Said paper stated that the
Sheriff’s office wanted me to call immediately on an
important matter.

Now I have to contact the county attorney as it was a
subpoena to appear in court in the case of someone I’d never
heard of and testify about a crime I never witnessed. The
clerk at the Sheriff’s office didn’t know anything and made
the suggestion to contact the county attorney. We’ll see where
this goes.

As for our connection problem, two techs just left after
taking our the new modem we just installed and an old modem
we needed for wireless internet and replaced it with a modem
the size of computer tower. It is impressive in size, has more
blinking lights, and is supposed to be up to 10 faster than
the old one.

So of course I mentioned that since the old one didn’t work,
how fast would that make the new one? We’ll wait and see. As
of now we again have internet access and a phone. I did
mention that if it goes out in a day or two we’ll be calling

We may finally be able to return to regular posting. Enjoy
the first evening of the weekend.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to The saga continues

  1. Mamabear says:

    I’ve never heard of a subpoena being served by putting a notice on the door, but then I’m not from Iowa~did it have your name on it? GL talking with the atty.

    Well it sounds like you’ll be surfing lightening fast with the new modem~wonder what it will do to improve your phone service too. I hope for the companies sake that this solves your problem otherwise they’ll get a large piece of your wife’s mind I’m betting LOL.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm. We’re all the way down to 1º with a wind chill of -4º and a high today of 19º~really warm eh? But I shouldn’t complain b/c friends in MN are -40º wind chill.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I wouldn’t know how it works as I went on the straight and narrow in 1987. Haven’t been arrested, been ticketed, or even had a traffic stop since. The only thing we can come up with is it involves the drive-by shooting a block away this summer. I talked to a policewoman and told her I heard the shots but was inside our house. The computer does seem a little faster. We worry about how long we will have access this time. Around here we have a warm up coming Tuesday and it’s supposed to be 43. In one city in Idaho the low was -51. We just have to hang in there as January is usually the coldest month.

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