The trend continues


You may remember our New Year’s post and the mention we didn’t make resolutions just let life hit us with its best shot. It still seems life and/or God took that as a dare. This may be the year we go crazy and draw a crowd to moon the moon.

Yesterday I again checked all connections, wires, cables, modems, routers, and assorted pieces needed to make our internet, and phone, work. Outside connections were tight, all connections to the computer were a-ok, which meant it was time to recheck a few connections in the basement. As I started down the basement stairs I noticed a frigid breeze coming from the crawlspace under the back room.

Turning on my flashlight the problem was obvious. An as yet unknown critter had burrowed under the foundation and into the basement, again. So I geared up and went outside to find and fill the air hole created by the as yet unknown animal. With the wind chill at double digits below zero I quickly discovered that digging frozen earth was not an easy task.

After filling the hole and putting some good sized rocks over the breached area I went inside to find I had been outside for five hours and missed my friends celebration of life. I looked to the heavens and apologized to him but keeping the water pipes unfrozen was a priority. A live trap has been set for the offending critter but has not caught it yet.

Then this morning the wife’s sick cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge and since I knew from experience that the ground was frozen we placed him on a towel in a makeshift casket before covering that with a couple garbage bags. Even though I’m a dog person, I’m going to miss that cat.

And this morning the wife called our internet service and phone service provider, again. We were told a tech would be here between 1-5 pm to address our issue. With 2 hours left in their timeline I’m not holding my breath. Hope your day is going better than ours.
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4 Responses to The trend continues

  1. Brittius says:

    Sorry to hear about the pussycat.

    Another critter? Are you trying to get a television show? Repeat after me, “Live Action!”.


  2. cruisin2 says:

    I’ve been checking outside once a week and no hole Tuesday. If we were on TV, the show would be cancelled.

  3. Mamabear says:

    Sorry that the cat has crossed the Bridge, but he’s in a better place and in no pain. It’s never easy saying goodbye to a companion.

    Well did you catch your critter yet?

    And finally I hope the tech arrived before the deadline and found out what the prob with the internet/phone is. I’m wondering if the critter and the internet/phone are related somehow.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    thank you. That cat took a liking to me and we hated to see him go. The trap is set but no critter yet. The critter is under the other side of the house than where the wiring is, I just hope he doesn’t goof up the plumbing to the back room. The tech never arrived and the wife called again today we were assured one would be here by 8 pm. I’m not holding my breath.

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