Better than sliced bread?


On this, the 4th day of our new year and almost as long with phone or being able to use my desktop, I remember hearing these words uttered in reference to something I hadn’t heard of. The wife recently traded in her old tired Ford for a new to us Ford. Said Focus is two years with super low miles and all the bell and whistles a lazy person could want.

It is a nice shade of silver metallic with a leather interior so the dealer pushed us to purchase a
paint protector called “Xzilon” that is better than sliced bread and works at a molecular level. I did
not tell them that I know that Otto Federick Rohwedder was born in our little portion of the east coast
of Iowa. Yes the inventor of the machine that made sliced bread a reality was born right here in Davenport, Iowa.

But I digress. So I asked if said wonder product would prevent rust. I was told it was more to protect
the paint and would not guarantee against rust. But it is flame retardant and the airlines use it on their planes. Great. Nice to know the next time we get it up to 400 mph at 32,000 feet!

Whatever this product is, they spray it on the body, windows, and interior. We’re told this will help with small dings on the body, streaks on the windows, curb rash on the rims, yellowing headlights, and stains on the interior. Since they threw this is the deal free the wife will have it done Friday while I find my finishing hammer to test the theory.

The cat is still hanging in there, I haven’t heard anymore from our service provider, and we’ll have a wind chill below zero into next week. Have a great hump day and rest of the year.
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2 Responses to Better than sliced bread?

  1. Brittius says:

    (…If it doesn’t have a clutch, don’t trust it.)

  2. cruisin2 says:

    lol, I said the same thing to the salesman. He came back with you could put the gear shift in “S” and manually shift it with paddles on the steering wheel!

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