Day late and a couple bucks short

I did try to do a post yesterday but instead fell down the
rabbit hole. After several calls by the wife to our internet
service provider, I decided to have a chat on the chance of
a better outcome.

We had lost phone and internet earlier in the day and both
remained silent until we got a new modem and registered it.
We went to a local branch of said internet provider and did
get the new modem and the person who waited on us said that
not only did the faulty, obsolete modem crash our internet
and end phone service but it also would not have allowed us
to dial 911 in an emergency!

So after a month of spotty internet and phone we believe the
problem has been fixed with the new modem. At least we hope.
The strange part is I said from the beginning it was the old
modem while our internet service provider kept telling us it
was outages. She was then told that we’ve had more “outages”
this month that we have in the entire 26 years we’ve lived

We were also told the company sent us an email stating the
modem needed to be exchanged for a newer model. We never got
it. Finally the problem is resolved so perhaps now regular
posting will not be an issue. As we explained to our service
provider, we have been without computer, phone, or both for
over three days this month and that is not acceptable to us.

And that’s a good thing because we really didn’t want to give
up cable TV, the internet, or our landline to eliminate the
stress caused by these outages. Besides, here on the east
coast of Iowa in our little humble inner-city abode there are
no bears to make winter coats with and coal is getting hard
to find.

Oh, on the good side the wife did get a new to her car. This
mechanical marvel drives me nuts. You don’t need a key to
open the doors or the trunk, and it starts by just pushing a
button on the dash. I’m going to have to study the owner’s

Enjoy the rest of today and keep the shiny side up. This time
I have a huge carne asada burrito with my name on it to hold
me over until it’s pizza time.
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5 Responses to Day late and a couple bucks short

  1. Mamabear says:

    Here’s to the new modem, may it last a lifetime!

    It’s a darn good thing there’s no bears in the area to make you and the wife a coat b/c we bears don’t like running around buck nekkid in the winter.

    I remember stoking the coal furnace from a very young age and Grandma banking it at night~it kept us nice and cozy for many winters too. Dad put in an oil burning furnace the summer of 1976 and that winter I came home from Germany with my 6 wk old son and the power went out for over a week and he had to switch over to the good reliable coal furnace b/c the oil required electricity to heat the 100+ old farmhouse~what a winter that was.

    I’d venture a guess that you recall a time way back when that the ignition was on the dash!

    Enjoy your burrito~I’m going to make a big fat juicy cheeseburger to tide me over.

    Are you getting any snow in your neck of the woods? We’re in a blizzard here in northwestern PA and idk how much is on the ground so far, but at 7:30 this morning there was about 5″ and they’re calling for another 5″ to add to that.

  2. mary says:

    Keep up the good work

  3. cruisin2 says:

    got almost all the bugs worked out now except uploading pictures to a website so going good. I remember the old coal fired furnaces
    and they were reliable. I’ve had lots of older cars with the ignition in
    the dash, but they all used a key. This one I had the key fob in my
    pocket, touched the door handle and all the doors unlocked. Then I got in, with the key fob still in my pocket and pushed the starter button to start it. All without a key. That thing even has a heated
    steering wheel, a back up camera, and will parallel park itself! I’m in
    way over my head. We may get a dusting in a few days but the
    weather has been pretty quiet around here.

    thank you. Now that we have a working modem that shouldn’t be a

  4. Mamabear says:

    Sounds like a great car. Son rented a car to come home this summer and said that he needed the fob nearby in order to start car up as I recall. Heated steering wheel is a nice feature. You’ll be over your head if you get one of those driverless cars!

  5. cruisin2 says:

    it’s a learning curve especially since the wife says I have to quit living in the 60s. As for the driverless cars, they aren’t for me. Even the thought that the wife’s new car can park itself is a scary enough idea for me to deal with.

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