Just some thoughts

Earlier today the critters were out playing with gusto, then
tonight the sky was laced with diamonds.



I stood in awe both times staring at the beauty that is Gods
gift to us all. The geese were so noisy I heard them coming a
half mile away and it was chilly tonight while observing the
wonders in the sky, but wrote it off to the fact if we want to
dance we have to pay the band.

Earlier I went to visit Dad for a while and found out he’s
still a little under the weather. His humor hasn’t left him as
he said he didn’t know if he was coming down with something or
his age had something to do with it. I readily admitted I had
no experience at being 91.

Seeing the birds and all the stars that heaven allowed put
me in a peaceful state that I hope to remain in. Sometimes
life throws us curve balls and threatens our inner peace. I’m
getting better at not blowing up when those things happen.

We hope this finds you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Now I have
some odds and ends to finish up before I go to greet the
sandman for a few hours rest.
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