Goofed again


I thought I had things all figured out only to learn my math
was wrong. After reading my post last night the wife informed
me she was married on the 20th! She even tried to get me to
pin down the exact number of years we’ve been married.

That’s when I found out that “twenty-several” was not an
acceptable answer. Which leads to my dilemma. First I’d like to
say I do not procrastinate, I work better under pressure. Which
is why I honestly believed getting her gift tomorrow was a
brilliant idea.

Technically, I’m not in trouble yet. Her anniversary is
tomorrow and I buy the gift in the morning. Of course I have
no idea what said gift is because I haven’t went shopping yet,
but we’ll find out tomorrow. And my anniversary is the next day
which gives her more time to get mine.

I do know it got a little less frigid around here and we’re
in for a warmer week, but I also know that if the wife is
asking anniversary questions, Christmas can’t be far away.
Which works out great for us because we get one big gift for
both our anniversary and Christmas.

The down side of warming up is that now we may get rain for
Christmas instead of snow. I have plugged in our paper
shredder just in case it does rain so we’ll see snow. We wish
everyone a Merry Christmas!
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3 Responses to Goofed again

  1. Dale Gilmour says:

    Take Mrs. Cruiser out for dinner. Take her someplace nice. Since it’s her anniversary, let her Super Size it. I’m sure she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  2. Brittius says:

    It’s a trap the women set. They want to know via interrogation tactics, anniversary dates, children’s birth dates, ages of people. But they cannot answer, how many degrees before top dead center should ignition take place in a 350 short block, or the number of degrees of backlash in a Ford nine inch rear with 4.10 ring and pinion. Ha! Flip the script. Turn the tables. Fortunately, I have gone deaf in the tonal range that my wife talks in. (Married almost 44 years. I learned a few things. She used to move the furniture around when I was out drinking, but I got smart.)

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Dale Gilmour,
    I got her a gold necklace and we went to lunch so I hope she liked it.

    Amen to that. I’m deaf in one ear and the wife claims I don’t listen.
    Moving the furniture is harsh, I got smart too. Fooled them all when I just quit.

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