Cloudy days


The day started with strange clouds in the sunrise and wind
chills below zero then ended with strange clouds around the
moon and cooler wind chills.


Every time I ventured out the wife refused to go along and
called me crazy to boot! I didn’t stay out long enough to
worry about frostbite or put on shoes yet I continued to hear
the woman who sometimes follows me around yell “crazy!”.

All that being said, it was a great day. Now we prepare for a
weekend snow that may dump a few inches of white fluffy love
from above on us. We have enough coffee to last all winter,
bacon in the freezer and coke in the fridge. I don’t see how
it could get any better.

If we get the snow I’ll be outside moving it from where I
don’t want it to where I don’t care if it sits until spring.
After a trip to the grocery store in the morning the snow
blower will be checked and the shovel ready.

And if we’re going to the store in the morning then the end
of week is almost here. That means the weekend will be gone
before we know it. Bundle up if you’re cold, cool off if you’re
hot, and make the most the of it. Before we know it we’ll be
out of weekends until next year.
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