Moon flight

Now that all the computer gremlins have been run off and the
phone is still working we thought an update was in order. I
have busy chasing moonbeams, sun devils, and below zero wind
chills while trying to talk the wife into joining me. Yeh,
that didn’t work out so good.


I didn’t get frostbite and I got the picture above so the
day is considered a great one. The moon had barely cleared the
treetops to the east when I snapped a few shots to add to my
collection and imagine my amazement when I saw the plane
heading right for the moon.

My luck is holding out. Tonight into tomorrow those who tell
us what the weather might do are talking double digit wind
chills. And I’ll be sitting right here, in our abode, except
for a short excursion to visit Dad.

Since our phone is working once again and the computer has
been purged we should be able to get back to regular posting.
Things seem pretty glum when you can’t even get online to tell
everyone you can’t get online.

Some have said to use my smart phone, but since I don’t own
one that would be a trick. I have an ancient flip phone that
serves me well and no desire to upgrade. If the need to get
online strikes me I have the desktop, a laptop, and a tablet.
If all of these are out, I have books and know how to use them.

Stay warm, drive safe, and keep the shiny side up.
Comments are always welcome.

One Response to Moon flight

  1. Blessed B. says:

    Stay warm!!! Can’t wait to see more of the great photos! 🙂

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