Feel like a squirrel in a rat maze


Lately our internet access has been spotty and nobody seems
to know why. Our phone also works part-time and that doesn’t
help. This has been going on for about a month and is getting

It all started with my tablet that I put e-books on when I
couldn’t upload the books, then our laptops would be working
and we’d get knocked off the internet, and finally even the
desktop had to get into the act making it hard to post daily.

Opinions are many. Living in a 106 year old house causes
problems, having old phone lines causes problems, or the phone
just goes out for a lot of people. The weird part is this didn’t
happen during the high winds and heavy rains or high winds and
heavy snow.

Yesterday we met Ghost for a late lunch and everything was
working great when we left. We came back home to no internet
and later found out a dead phone. The wife made a call and
was told they were working on it. Later the same day things
were working again.

We got up this morning and got out the laptops while drinking
coffee to cruise the information highway. Yep. Everything was
going great until we had no internet. When I checked our phone
there was no dial tone. We sure hope they get this little
glitch repaired soon. If I’m late posting it’s probably
because we can’t get on the internet. Thank God we have cell
phones to call and report the problem.

Now I need some pizza as tracking this stuff down is harder
than I thought. To Mamabear, Happy Birthday! To everyone,
enjoy the rest the day.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to Feel like a squirrel in a rat maze

  1. Mamabear says:

    Sorry to hear everything is on the fritz at your place~maybe the house is haunted or maybe a critter has gotten in and chewed on wires. Do you know if this problem is just with you or with others? Whatever the cause I hope it gets resolved soon and in the meantime enjoy the time away from the superhighway b/c most of the world is grumbling LOL

    Thanks for the bday mention~65 and going strong. Have a great week.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    when the wife called the other day she was told there was an outage in Davenport but not how big. Things have been working again since yesterday so we have our fingers crossed. When I turned 65 earlier this year I couldn’t believe I made it with my previous lifestyle and current eating habits, but it feels ok now. We will have a great, but cold, week. Hope you do the same.

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