Not long after the sun set on the east coast of Iowa I had a
minute to relax and realized a post hadn’t been done yet. Good
intentions do not a post make. It turned out to be a strange,
but good day.

While at the grocery store picking up my ration of frozen
pizzas we ran into a friend and began to chat. He and his wife
live next door to another friend who isn’t doing well. We have
talked to him, ran him to the hospital, and visited with this
friend yet he continues to get worse.

The other friend said he and his wife take food over when the
sick friend will answer the door. It has gotten to the point
that this guy won’t answer his phone or open his door. Back in
the day this wouldn’t have presented a problem as we would
just kick the door in, check on the friend, and fix the door.

If tried today I believe the door would win and said friend
locked inside would not come out in the cold to help me get
back up. I dislike seeing anyone give up instead of get even.
When 2 different doctors gave me six months to live years ago,
we just went to a specialist and he said I had asthma and could
live a fairly normal life.

My Aunt got the same diagnosis, went straight home and to
bed, and died 6 months later. No! At least fight for 7 months
to a year. Set a personal record, beat the odds. But never
give up. I tried today to get in touch with this friend and
will try again tomorrow, including a trip to his place if he
won’t answer his phone.

Sunday is going to be another snow day and 5-7 inches is the
target forecasters are giving us. Bring it on and make it a
feet. I have winter gear and a snowblower and I’m not afraid
to use them.

Enjoy the rest of Friday and our weekend.
Comments are always welcome.


4 Responses to Somedays

  1. Mamabear says:

    Sounds like a lot of ppl care about this friend and my best advice to you and anyone that cares about him is just to keep trying to reach him and to pray if you’re so inclined. Not everyone can accept a diagnosis and go and get a 2nd opinion either like you did. But sometimes a good friend can talk some common sense into them even through a closed door! You may look odd talking to a door, but the person on the other side may just get the message and open the door. Good luck trying to reach your friend and let him know that you and others care and want to be there for him.

    Sounds like a lot of snow coming down in your neck of the woods. We’re getting our weather from Lake Erie. The snow has been coming down since last night and they predict it will do so through Monday! Current temp in my part of the western region of PA is 23º and the wind is blowing so bad I had to put boulders in my pockets to keep from flying off to KS! Stay warm and safe as you remove the snow and take time to have fun when you’re all done!

  2. cruisin2 says:

    the problem is the doctors can’t find can’t anything wrong and he
    keeps insisting he’s dying. We’ll keep trying until we at least talk. The snow started earlier here, but we didn’t get much today. The
    weather forecasters say 1-5 inches tomorrow so we’ll wait and see.
    Your weather sounds about like here and expected to be a lot colder next week. We’ll keep safe and hope you do also.

  3. Mamabear says:

    Well sometimes a person just knows something is wrong with them and doc’s aren’t all knowing. Keep after him b/c he’s worth it!

    Snow hasn’t stopped and is piling up higher and deeper with at least 7″ with no end in sight. Snow I don’t mind, but those cold temps can just stay up in Canada as far as I’m concerned.

    Staying safe and warm here and wishing you the same.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    we’ll give him another try today while we’re getting ready for the colder weather ahead.

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