Winter has arrived


The sun rose to greet a day as crisp as a new $10 bill while
the weather person on TV proclaimed this a blustery day. Gusts
to 30 mph and a wind chill below zero which meant I had to go
out and get a few pictures.

Since I visited with Dad yesterday and tried to answer the
question of “how do you get pictures in your computer anyway?”,
it was time to figure out an answer. Yeah, I got a headache
and gave up. But here a few pictures from this morning.




I will be a bit busy today as I procrastinated on winter-
proofing the homestead and have to get that buttoned up in
short notice. The wind chill during the day today is only
supposed to dip to around -3 degrees so it won’t be too cold.

And once again I forgot to run a heat duct into the office or
get out the space heater. I always figured that it’s never
gets cold enough in here to see my breath, I have a laptop
that can be taken to a warmer room, and I don’t dilly-dally as
much when my toes are turning blue.

Plus, when it does get nippy in the office I can always call
Dad and ask him about the summer of 1937. Ten minutes of him
talking about sleeping on the porch because it was too hot in
the house and you just feel warmer.

Now I go in search of a spicy breakfast burrito for the wife
and myself. A little extra hot sauce should warm things up.
Enjoy your Thursday as the weekend is getting closer.
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