Just another day

I”m just back in from a little slide through what’s left of our
first snowfall. Yesterday everything was covered in white but
today with the rising temps colors are popping out.



After the wife went to work I was out just taking everything
in. As happens I lost track of time and as I made my way back
into the warmth of our house it had gotten colder. Since I had
postponed supper to go out and play I found a child-size
serving of butterscotch pie and added a little whipped cream.
That with turkey noodle soup made for a great snack.

I also mentioned yesterday our warrior rosebush had been
buried in the white fluffy stuff and resembled a blob from a
science fiction movie. Today it reappeared! It’s a little more
battered yet hanging in there. We had figured that between the
wind gusts and almost a foot of snow it would be gone.


We did have one weird thing happen today. While shopping on
Friday we picked up 2 boxes of taco shells so today I whipped
us some taco mix with ground beef. I was drooling as I grabbed
the 2 boxes of taco shells only to discover that 21 of the 24
shells were too broken to use!

That had never happened to us before so I didn’t get my usual
10 or 12 tacos which is probably good for health but hasn’t
stopped my drooling. No more store brand taco shells for us.

By the end of the week here on the east coast of Iowa the
temperatures are supposed to drop into the 20s for highs.
After the recent snow, and melt, this can lead to interesting
improvised dances when the melted snow turns to ice. We can
hardly wait.

Stay warm if it’s cold where you’re at or cool if it’s warm.
We hope you keep the shiny side up and have a great day.
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