First and last


As the old saying goes, today is first day of the rest of
your life. It also happens to be the first day of December. So
if you’re not happy with the direction your life took, it is
as good a time as any to make changes. If you are happy with
life, give yourself a pat on the back because chances are
nobody else will.

As mentioned, today is the first day of the last month of our
year. December is National Egg Nog Month, National Impaired
Driving Prevention Month, National Fruit Cake Month, National
Pear Month, and if you’re Catholic it is the month of the
Advent of Christ to mention a few.

This month has a lot going on like the winter solstice on the
21st. December 1st is Bifocals at the Monitor Day, the 2nd is
National Fritters Day, the 4th is National Cookie Day, the 5th
is Bathtub Party Day, the 6th is St. Nicholas Day, the 7th is
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, the 8th is National
Brownie Day, the 11th is National Have a Bagel Day and
National Noodle Ring Day, the 14th is International Monkey
Day, the 15 is Bill of Rights Day, the 17th is National Maple
Syrup Day, the 20th is National Sangria Day, the 22nd is
National Date Nut Bread Day, the 24th is Christmas Eve and
National Egg Nog Day, the 25th Christmas and National Pumpkin
Pie Day, the 27th National Fruitcake Day, the 30th is National
Bicarbonate of Soda Day, and the 31st is New Year’s Eve AND
National Champagne Day.

With all that going on we may be a little late with some
posts this month, but we’ll do our best to resist all these
days of celebrations. Some observances may have been
omitted as we hand picked those that interested us.

Enjoy December, it’s the last month we get this year. It does
bring us closer to a new year though. All that typing about
the different food days this month has made me hungry so I’ll
go in search of sustenance.
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