Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2016


Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving and hoping you can be with
friends and family. If you’re travelling, be careful, if not
stay safe.

We are thankful for all those in our lives, for those who
give up their Thanksgiving so we may be safe and healthy, and
those in the Military who cannot make it home for the holiday.
We are thankful for those we have known who are longer with
us as we feast on this holiday for we thought enough of them
to mourn their passing, remember their life, and miss them
daily. We are blessed.

Enjoy, and if have traditions please keep them up. Be nice to
your enemies as it keeps them confused, and my your cares be
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November 22, 2016


We’re going to touch on two things that have stuck in our
craw and hope you bear with us. The first is the fact that on
this day in 1963, president John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
When news broke the country cried and was glued to their TVs
to get the latest news.

Schools were dismissed when the news was confirmed and people
gathered in disbelief. Many of us think that he was the last
American Democrat president. By that we mean he thought the
people run the government, higher taxes were not the answer for
prosperity, and he supported the 2nd Amendment.

And the second thing you ask? The Dakota Access Pipeline
protest. Since we hardly ever follow the drive-by media and
their take on things we have our own thoughts. American
Indians are protesting said pipeline that would destroy their
burial grounds and the pipeline would run beneath their water
drinking water source, Lake Oahe.

Having heard both sides of the argument we stand with the
Indians and here’s why. Those who say the pipeline doesn’t run
through the reservation so there are no “sacred grounds” are
like a peg leg pirate tightrope walker. It’s possible, but not
believable. Many forget this entire country once belonged to the
Indians until our ancestors forced them onto reservations.
One would imagine there are Indian burial grounds all over.

What we did hear from the media is the protestors are violent
and force was necessary. Yes there are some burned out cars on
the road, but yet we wonder this. If state and federal law
enforcement are on one side of the road why do they have to
fire rubber bullets while aiming for head shots and spray them
with water cannons in frigid temperatures?

Several people, including a 13 year old girl were shot in the
face, 167 people had suffered injuries, seven had to be
hospitalized, a tribal elder went into cardiac arrest, and one
woman may lose her arm because of a percussion grenade.

Drive by media keeps saying that not all the protestors are
of Indian descent and miss the point. While it is true these
people are joining the Standing Rock Sioux, media doesn’t
mention the fact that the new arrivals are veterans, patriots,
and other like minded people who don’t like peoples’ rights
trampled on.

Yet those mad that Trump won and Black Lives Matter block
roads, beat Trump voters, and loot with little consequence. If
these rioters were treated like the North Dakota protestors
are being treated we wonder how those protesters would react.

Links are supplied for those who need to check everything on
the internet and this post may be slightly biased, but I am
an American who is part Indian.
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Based on a true story

November 21, 2016


The wife and I have been having a discussion for some time
and neither of us would back down on where we stood on the
issue. After what seems like years of having this same
debate I decided to set her straight today.

While the wife has the right to be wrong, a guy can only take
so much. Since I’ve been letting my face hair grow out the
wife doesn’t hesitate to tell me I am going grey and look like
I just got out of prison. Of course she also tells me my
driver’s license picture looks like a mug shot.

I can’t help the last part because I was born with this face,
but as to the former I totally disagree. Old hot rodders don’t
do grey, we do chrome. And since chrome used to make our cars
look classier it couldn’t hurt my face. I’ll be shaving later.

This is due to the fact that just as I remember cars that
looked good with the chrome left on, some looked better with
the chrome removed. Since it got cold out anyway I have
decided to pursue another avenue to improve my looks. I’m just
going to buy a balaclava.

Enjoy our Monday, it’s the last one before Thanksgiving. The
good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll all make it
through the holiday unscathed.
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The roses

November 20, 2016

Nature never ceases to amaze me. This month we have seen
high temperatures in the 70s and lows in the 20s, yet one rose
bush is still hanging in there.


The trees are almost bare of leaves, the low last night was
22 with high winds, and the bloom is still on the rose. When
I first noticed the flowers on the 9th of this month it had
two flowers with a bud on top.

Now the bud has flowered out while the older blooms are
looking a bit ragged, but they’re hanging in there. We’re not
sure how much longer we’ll be blessed with the sight but if
it goes away tomorrow we can still cherish the memory.

Seeing these blooms remind us of Mom as she was the one of the
strongest women I’ve ever met, and like this rose she doubled
down when things got tough. Mom’s been gone for over six years
now yet I still think of her every day.

Perhaps that’s why I enjoy watching the sky. Thinking she may
give us a sign to let us know she’s waiting for us and missing
us too. We are no longer sad, we feel privileged that we knew
her while she was here and that we got call her Mom.

We just figure it doesn’t hurt to look to the Heavens and
tell them you miss them even if the neighbors think you’re
crazy. So enjoy the remaining hours of Sunday and we hope you
have a rosebush of your own.
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Sunday snicker

November 19, 2016


There was this little boy who was scared of the dark. One evening his mother asked him to go out onto the back porch and bring her the broom. The little boy said, “Mama, please don’t make me go out there. It’s dark and you know I’m scared of the dark.”

His mother smiled at him and said reassuringly, “There’s no need to be afraid of the dark. Jesus is out there and he’ll look after you and protect you.”

The little boy seemed unsure and said, “Are you sure Jesus is out there?”

The mother said, “Yes, I’m sure. Jesus is everywhere and is always there and ready to help when you’re in need.”

The boy thought for a moment, then went to the back door and opened it a tiny amount. He looked out into the darkness and called out, “Jesus – if you’re out there, please pass me the broom.”

Not a new idea

November 18, 2016


We haven’t posted a lot about politics lately and that is
because our thoughts seem to offend some and we don’t need the
drama. But a friend sent the wife an email which she sent to
me so I decided to try again.

We’ve all heard from different news sources that when Trump
is president he will deport people and their opinion that it
is unconstitutional, heartless, and without precedent. And as
usual, the news has it wrong.

In October of 1951, H.R. 5678 was introduced in the House of
Representatives by two Democrats. This bill passed the house
in April, 1952, passed the Senate in May 1952, then was vetoed
by president Harry S. Truman in June of 1952.

So it went back to the House and passed with enough votes to
ensure it wouldn’t be vetoed then passed the Senate, again
with enough votes to prevent a veto, later in June of 1952.

This bill was called the Immigration and Nationality Act of
1952 and became known as the McCarran-Walter Act which
restricted immigration into the U.S., and had some notable

The Act abolished racial restrictions found in immigration
statutes going all the back to the Naturalization Act of 1790.

Provisions defined 3 types of immigrants. Those with special
skills or relatives in the U.S., average immigrants, and

Another provision gave government the power to deport
immigrants engaged in subversive activities and allowed
barring immigrants entry for the same reason.

And one expanded the U.S. to include Guam.

As for unprecedented, President Carter banned Iranian
nationals from entering the U.S. Executive Order 12172, dated
November 27, 1972 put a hold on Iranian immigration.

So it has been done, it is Constitutional, Democrats
co-sponsored it and passed it, and a Democrat president later
used it.

Enjoy the day, it’s one day closer to Thanksgiving.
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Another day in Iowa

November 17, 2016

I woke up early, read the paper and had coffee with the wife,
and still got outside in time to get a shot of the sunrise.


It was a tad darker to the west where the moon was still up
there, just a bit leaner than a few days ago.


This post is a little late as after we had breakfast I went
out the door and just finished one to do list. Still plenty to
do inside, but not enough to make this later. But what a day!

When I first went outside it was in the 50s and the
thermometer climbed all day to peak out at 75 degrees. But the
thing that got my attention was the breeze. A steady 25 mph
with gust even higher that just started letting up as I
readied to come back in.

By Saturday morning however, the weather forecasters are
predicting we could see some snowflakes early. Not enough to
cover anything yet enough to get our attention. It is that
time of year.

I don’t take the camera with me when I work and wouldn’t you
know it, an eagle soared overhead but was gone before I could
get back out with camera. It was a magnificent bird. Since I
had the camera I did manage to get a shot of another elusive


Yes I caught a picture of the rare November dandelion. It
looked healthy, but didn’t move much, hence the shot. Now that
I’m retired I can’t figure out how I ever had the time to
work. Back then I managed to work overtime and get all the
chores done too. Go figure.

So enjoy Thursday and the upcoming weekend. Soon Thanksgiving
will be here and most of us can get a break.
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