My luck


The day started with a whisper of good things to come, then
came crashing down when reality hit. I awoke with the usual
grin on my face and headed to the kitchen to relate my latest
dream to the wife.

I told her I had a strange dream and she replied “what’s
new?” So I began: I was hired to paint faces on the ballons
for a big parade. She stated they did not paint the faces on
the balloons and I countered with the fact that we did in my
dream so let me continue.

I then said I had to paint a face on the biggest balloon,
Hermie the legless octopus. She laughed and mentioned I had
mispronounced “legless”. It came out something like legel
less. Since I was trying to get to the point of the dream I
told her my bad enunciation was due to having to sell my
ballet slippers as a young lad.

Starting anew I told her the part that had made me wake up
with a start. All balloon face painters were told there was as
much free coffee as we could drink. Yet when I went to get
some I was told they only had Hazelnut flavored and lattes. Oh
the humanity.

I had toiled countless hours to get Hermie’s facial expression
prefect and no just plain old black coffee! Other volunteers
seemed happy with the hot beverage choices and would not go on
strike with me. So if you ever hear a rumor that I am painting
faces on parade balloons and can’t be reached, don’t believe

Althouh after several cups of plain old black coffee I can
see where some may think I over-reacted. I just won’t be
tricked again.

Enjoy the last day of November, the birth date of Mark Twain.
And remember when we go to sleep tonight we’ll wake up in
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