The more I learn…


This post will not begin with “It was a dark and stormy
night”. I just got up early this morning to catch the sunrise
that wasn’t there yet. Turned out the sky looked more
dramatic before the sunrise anyway.


I had to remind myself it is November 29th while the birds
were singing and the temps were in the low 40s that early. The
grass is still green and many of the trees still have leaves
on them this late in the year.

Not complaining, just wondering what’s going to happen when
winter officially gets here. You may have noticed I add
pictures of the church steeple 3 blocks away quite often.


It is the Sacred Heart cathedral and the building that blocks
the lower part of the spire is the Sacred Heart Catholic
School. I was baptized and had my confirmation in this church
and attended the school.

This came up when I went over to Dad’s today as I mentioned
the “nunnery” was torn down. He quickly corrected me and said
it was a convent. Regardless of what it was, it is no longer
there. But what he said next took me by surprise.

The school is going to be torn down because it has three
floors and isn’t handicap accessible. Since the nuns are
gone there is nobody to teach the classes anyway. He added
that the building was used occasionally for receptions and

I guess if I live long enough I could have fun confusing
someone and point to the parking lot where this school used
to be and say I used to go to school there. Things sure will
look different around here.

Have a great Tuesday. We’re down to three working days before
the partying begins.
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