Lonely river

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We missed history in the making yesterday and we’re ok with
that. We have had a paddlewheel riverboat casino on our
riverfront for around 25 years and yesterday it departed for

At the exact time the boat left our riverfront we were
sitting down to a belated Thanksgiving meal with the wife’s
family. One other thing that stopped me from getting pictures
of the event was the fact that there were too many delays for
my patient quota.

Said riverboat was supposed to leave at 2 pm on Friday, which
was pushed back to 8 pm, which was pushed back to some time
Saturday awaiting a Coast Guard inspection. So we watched it
on the TV news. We’d insert a picture here but as we didn’t
see it leaving we didn’t get one.

The boat is called the Treble Clef and was purchased by
Memphis Riverboats whose owner stated it would be used for an
entertainment venue. Plans for the boat in Memphis are private
parties, concerts, and other such events.

Since I don’t gamble I don’t know alot about gambling boats.
When the whole thing started over 25 years ago gaming boats
had to cruise before the gambling could start, and there were
bet limits and sticter rules. That changed to the boat could
be docked while gambling occured and then the bet limit was

In June of this year the $100 million Rhytm City Casino went
land based and the boat was history waiting to happen. So now
on our little portion of the east coast of Iowa, Davenport has
no gambling boat on the riverfront.

And even though I don’t gamble I’ll miss it. You just don’t
get to see that many sternwheelers anymore here. But the meal
was great and I got some butterscotch pie with whipped cream
so I don’t feel bad about missing the last chance to take a

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and we hope it’s been a good
Comments are always welcome.


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