Quick note


As the sun sets on another day here on the east coast of Iowa
we are relaxing until life smacks us with the next thing on
the list. I can now honestly say that if I don’t see another
turkey until next November I’d be fine. I also had my green
olive quota for the year.

The weather here today was in the mid-fifties until time got
closer to sundown. The blue sky, including the clouds, was a
welcome break from the last few days. Some were wondering if
we’d even see the sun again before June.

Colors in the sky get strange the closer one gets to sun
down and at times even look almost artistic. How can you see
sights like this and not believe in God?


Since we’re in for a few more warm days I’ll have to eat
twice as much to get my strength up. I’m that committed to
getting things down that I will make this sacrifice. And if
things don’t get done as I hope I can blame it on overeating.

We will do a Sunday snicker a little later today. Enjoy the
rest of your Saturday.
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