A short recap


We survived another Thanksgiving while only a few pictures
got taken. I almost made it out the door before the cameras
came out but had to wait for the woman who follows me around.
At least it was a group shot.

The sky on our portion of the east coast of Iowa has been a
grey that most would call depressing, yet bracing. Tomorrow
sunshine is promised by those who predict the weather, and we
hope they’re right.

Tomorrow we will have turkey and all the trimmings with some
of the wifes family and that should mean enough turkey to
last until next Thanksgiving. We don’t know how black Friday
went today because we don’t participate in that riot. It makes
no sense to me to get up early, stand in line for hours in the
cold, and perhaps buy something marked down to what it should

Soon Christmas will be here and holidays of other religions,
but we still say Christmas because we’re Christians. We are
still debating putting up the tree, but will put the string of
musical lights that play a passing resemblence to Christmas
carols and a small glass nativity set.

And we hope everyone is doing great today and lost weight
after the feast. Until next time, keep the shiny side up this
winter, keep warm if it’s cold where you’re at, or cool if
it’s hot. We’ll get back to regular posting soon.
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