Not a new idea


We haven’t posted a lot about politics lately and that is
because our thoughts seem to offend some and we don’t need the
drama. But a friend sent the wife an email which she sent to
me so I decided to try again.

We’ve all heard from different news sources that when Trump
is president he will deport people and their opinion that it
is unconstitutional, heartless, and without precedent. And as
usual, the news has it wrong.

In October of 1951, H.R. 5678 was introduced in the House of
Representatives by two Democrats. This bill passed the house
in April, 1952, passed the Senate in May 1952, then was vetoed
by president Harry S. Truman in June of 1952.

So it went back to the House and passed with enough votes to
ensure it wouldn’t be vetoed then passed the Senate, again
with enough votes to prevent a veto, later in June of 1952.

This bill was called the Immigration and Nationality Act of
1952 and became known as the McCarran-Walter Act which
restricted immigration into the U.S., and had some notable

The Act abolished racial restrictions found in immigration
statutes going all the back to the Naturalization Act of 1790.

Provisions defined 3 types of immigrants. Those with special
skills or relatives in the U.S., average immigrants, and

Another provision gave government the power to deport
immigrants engaged in subversive activities and allowed
barring immigrants entry for the same reason.

And one expanded the U.S. to include Guam.

As for unprecedented, President Carter banned Iranian
nationals from entering the U.S. Executive Order 12172, dated
November 27, 1972 put a hold on Iranian immigration.

So it has been done, it is Constitutional, Democrats
co-sponsored it and passed it, and a Democrat president later
used it.

Enjoy the day, it’s one day closer to Thanksgiving.
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3 Responses to Not a new idea

  1. QC Ghost says:

    First, let’s deport all journalists.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the reblog.

    amen to that.

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