Another day in Iowa

I woke up early, read the paper and had coffee with the wife,
and still got outside in time to get a shot of the sunrise.


It was a tad darker to the west where the moon was still up
there, just a bit leaner than a few days ago.


This post is a little late as after we had breakfast I went
out the door and just finished one to do list. Still plenty to
do inside, but not enough to make this later. But what a day!

When I first went outside it was in the 50s and the
thermometer climbed all day to peak out at 75 degrees. But the
thing that got my attention was the breeze. A steady 25 mph
with gust even higher that just started letting up as I
readied to come back in.

By Saturday morning however, the weather forecasters are
predicting we could see some snowflakes early. Not enough to
cover anything yet enough to get our attention. It is that
time of year.

I don’t take the camera with me when I work and wouldn’t you
know it, an eagle soared overhead but was gone before I could
get back out with camera. It was a magnificent bird. Since I
had the camera I did manage to get a shot of another elusive


Yes I caught a picture of the rare November dandelion. It
looked healthy, but didn’t move much, hence the shot. Now that
I’m retired I can’t figure out how I ever had the time to
work. Back then I managed to work overtime and get all the
chores done too. Go figure.

So enjoy Thursday and the upcoming weekend. Soon Thanksgiving
will be here and most of us can get a break.
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