With everything going on in our world right now it’s a good
idea to get outside and think. I do not support the voodoo
science behind global warming, but five years ago things were
like this.


Today this looks a lot different and tomorrow our high here
on the east coast of Iowa is supposed to be around 72. Two
days after that our low is supposed to be 27 so we’ll take
what we can get.




Instead of the steely grey sky, which we know is coming, we
have been blessed with a sky so blue you think you could sail
away on it. The trees haven’t lost all their leaves yet and
we have flowers on the rose bush.


Those of us blessed enough to have born in Iowa know all
about climate change, we’ve watched it change daily our entire
lives. There are times when it pays to slow down, look around,
and enjoy. The beauty has always been there, yet most walk by
without even noticing.

So enjoy Wednesday while remembering the weekend is that much
closer to being here.
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