Wandering thoughts again

The moon should look full tonight also and I can’t bring
myself to call it a super moon. Yet we cannot observe the moon
rise as we have no view of the horizon to the east and it may
have looked much larger then. Here are a few shots we did
manage to get.



Around the time the moon popped over the trees it was too
cloudy to take too many pictures, but it was bright. Tonight
it is forecast to be cloudy as well, but we hope not. It was
really cloudy this morning.


We have noticed this fiasco with politics is getting crazier
than we ever thought it would. If one believes the rumors
families and friends stopped talking and the rioters are
employed by Soros. And to our knowledge, our current president
has not told them to settle down.

Things got awful confusing for someone with common sense. It
must be why I like taking pictures. Being outside with no
chance of hearing, or seeing, the never ending news flashes
does help one remain calm.

Finally, I have been eating healthy the last few day with one
exception. On Saturday while we were out getting away from it
all I had a cheeseburger and fries for lunch in the small town
we were visiting. And it was great!

Otherwise it has been chicken, lean pork, and vegetables. I
now am about 2 pizzas low on the dipstick and will work on
that when the wife goes back to work tonight. The weather is
going to turn cold soon and I will need all the pizza
nutrients to keep me warm while I move snow from where we
don’t want it to where we don’t care if it’s there.

Enjoy your Monday and have a great week.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to Wandering thoughts again

  1. Mamabear says:

    Some great pics of the Super Moon~it was a real treat to see the moon so big and bright. If I live to be 82 perhaps I’ll get to see it again if someone takes me out to see it in 2034.

    Glad to know that you were eating healthy and I bet it didn’t hurt you one bit either did it?

    In my world I don’t allow ppl to use the *s* word till it covers all the green grass so shame on you for using it.:) A little bird told me that you want feet of it~are you nuts or what? LOL There was a time before I was injured that I loved it and all the sports I could do, but not anymore. I’m happy to watch it fall and that’s about it. Give me sun and temps in the 80’s and I’m a happy camper now. Enjoy moving your *s* from point A to point B with all your toys when the time comes.

    Have a great week.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    glad you liked the pictures. As for the eating healthy thing, it isn’t going to happen too often. After eating healthy for 2 days my back went out. As for the snow, if I have to go out and move it I’d rather have more than less. And if we get a feet of snow, it hides all the litter and ugly stuff careless people toss out their windows going by.

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