Something happened

We don’t know when it happened or why, but it had to have
happened for our country to be where it is today. Too many of
us don’t know what type of government we have nor can identify
sitting politicians.

Too many are demanding rights that are not there citing laws
that don’t exist. For those we present the following video on
the American form of government. It is about 10 minutes long
and if you will hang in there and watch it you will have a
grasp of our government.

The United States is NOT a Democracy. We are what’s known
as a Constitutional Republic. There is a difference. It may
not be perfect, it might not last, but it is the rule of
the land.

The destruction of private property, blocking of streets,
and rioting are not Constitutional rights. The Electoral
College is part of being a Federation and not a plot to
elect someone you don’t like. You certainly have the
right to peacefully protest if you are indeed offended.

We wish all an enjoyable Sunday. The super moon should be
able to be seen tonight and even tomorrow.
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