Off topic

With all the talk concerning the results of our election we
have decided to take a different route and talk of many
things, or at least a few.


First, Happy 241st Birthday to the United States Marine Corp!
Congratulations and many more.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and we plan on being present at the
parade. If you have some free time, and if your town has a
parade, you should try to attend if you haven’t in the past.

This Monday, November 14, we will have a chance to see the
full moon. It is said to be the biggest, brightest super moon
since 1948. Provided the east coast of Iowa isn’t shrouded in
fog or clouds we will try to get some photos.

And of course we have Thanksgiving coming up. Parades, foot-
ball, and feasts will be the order of the day even if some
think there is nothing to be thankful for after the election.

I disagree. Woke up breathing, didn’t see my name in the
obituaries, and have had a few cups of coffee. Still was able
to go out and take a few pictures, and we can pretty much do
as we like. As long as it’s legal.

If we have family and friends, a roof over our heads and
enough food and coffee, I’ll thank my God. So enjoy your day
and remember tomorrow is a holiday for some.
Comments are always welcome.


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